HC Deb 19 August 1889 vol 339 c1661

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether Colonel Sir F. De Winton now holds the office of Assistant Quartermaster General; whether he is also a director of the Imperial East African Company, which is now advertised and seeks to obtain a capital of £2,000,000; whether the directorship of that company is a paid office; and, whether an officer on full pay, and holding an important State Office, is allowed to accept paid directorships of companies?

* THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR WAR (Mr. E. STANHOPE, Lincolnshire, Horncastle)

My answer to the first two questions is in the affirmative. This post is not inconsistent with Sir F. De Winton's work at the War Office, provided that it in no way interferes with his being able to devote all the time that is necessary for the efficient discharge of the duties of Assistant Quartermaster General. If it ever should so interfere he will be bound to give it up. Subject to this consideration, I should be reluctant to deprive the Imperial East African Company of the advice of one of the few men who are thoroughly acquainted with the district.


The right hon. Gentleman has not answered the third question—whether the directorship is a paid office?


I am afraid that I cannot answer it.