HC Deb 16 August 1889 vol 339 cc1463-4

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether his attention has been called to the existence of a nuisance caused to some of the residents in the parish of Kensington by the burning of bricks in certain fields outside that parish; and whether Her Majesty's Government will promote or support legislation, with the view of making such nuisances removable by law?


The Secretary of State's attention has been called, by a memorial submitted to him by the hon. Baronet the Member for South Kensington, to the existence of the alleged nuisance. Apart from such remedies as may be open to individuals for injury to private rights, the abatement of nuisances in the Metropolis is committed by Statute to Local Authorities, such as Vestries and District Boards, and the Secretary of State has no power to initiate proceedings, except where the nuisance complained of amounts to smoke nuisance within the meaning of the Act of 1853, or where it is made to appear to the Secretary of State that the Local Authorities fail to proceed actively and impartially in noticing and suppressing nuisances. No pledge can be given as to legislation.


In consequence of the answer of my hon. Friend, I beg to give notice that early next Session I will ask leave to bring in a Bill to deal with such nuisances affecting the Metropolis.