HC Deb 12 August 1889 vol 339 cc1024-5

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies whether the boundaries of Usibepu's location, as laid down by Mr. Addison, R.M., and subsequently altered by Mr. Knight, R.M., and referred to in Colonial Blue Book, C. 5522, page 70 (Inclosure in No. 49), have been finally confirmed; and whether the boundaries laid down by Mr. Knight, R.M., for Usibequ's location include territory to which Ndabuko, Msutywana, Mbopa, and other Usutu Chiefs belonged, and which territory was recognised as the tribal lands of these chiefs and headmen both by Her Majesty's Government and by Usibepu in or about January, 1883?


The answer to the first question is in the negative. Owing to the subsequent events in Zululand, and to the fact that Usibepu is not now in the exercise of his functions as a Chief, the Secretary of State has not taken any action subsequent to his despatch of the 2nd of August, 1888 (No. 57, page 95, in Blue Book (5522). As to the second question, the answer is that nothing very definite was settled in 1883, and that it is difficult to settle these boundary disputes among the different Chiefs; but no final decision will be come to until full information has been received as to the deviations in the lines of Usibepu's location, as settled at different times, and any dispute will be disposed of as far as possible with strict regard to the accepted principle that Usutus should not be placed under the tribal authority of chiefs opposed to Usutus, and vice versâ.