HC Deb 08 August 1889 vol 339 c791

I beg to ask the First Commissioner of Works whether, having regard to opinions expressed in this House and elsewhere, he will direct the stone parapet or bastion, lately erected by Mr. Pearson, E. A., at the south-west corner of Westminster Hall, to be removed; or, if not removed, to be lowered, so as to bring its upper horizontal moulding in a line with the upper cross bar of the iron gateway leading to St. Stephen's Cloisters, and thus restore the harmony of Sir C. Barry's design for the south end, which, if the southwest bastion be allowed to remain unaltered, is manifestly interfered with?


I understand that it is not the intention of the First Commissioner to undo any portion of the work carried out by Mr. Pearson in Westminster Hall, but I will take care that the First Commissioner's attention is called to the suggestion as to lowering the parapet, and he will no doubt consider it on his return. I have communicated with the architect, who replies as follows:— The stone parapet in south-west corner of Westminster Hall is as low as is consistent with safety. The harmony of Sir C. Barry's design is not interfered with by the erection of a parapet and wall, for a new purpose differing entirely from that fulfilled by the railing on the opposite side.