HC Deb 06 August 1889 vol 339 c556

Ordered— Return of Rules made under Sec. 21 of the Act 21 and 22 Vic. c. 83, now in force, with respect to the amount of the Pensions from public funds that may be awarded to Principals, Professors, and other officers (if any) of Scottish Universities, the age at which they may be claimed, and the period of service which must have preceded each claim. Nominal Return of Principals, Professors, and other officers (if any) in each of the Scottish Universities entitled, after the required period of service, to retire upon Pensions, with their respective ages, dates of appointment, and the amount, for each of the three years ended the 31th day of March, 1889, of the salaries, fees, and other emoluments which would be taken into account in determining the amount of pension that might be granted in each case. And, Return showing, for each of the Universities, the Name and Office of each Person to whom a Pension has been granted from public funds since 1858, with the amount of each Pension, the age at which it was granted, and the date at which any Pension lapsed (in continuation of Parliamentary Paper, No. 245, of Session 1887).—(Mr. J. Campbell.)