HC Deb 30 April 1889 vol 335 c779
MR. DONKIN (Tynemouth)

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether, in the event of the new Tonnage Bill becoming law, the tonnage of those steamers of foreign countries that had practically adopted our system of measurement would be increased for paying dues in foreign ports in the same way as that of English steamers would be under the new Bill?


Assuming that the Tonnage Bill becomes law in the terms in which it is introduced, it will have no effect whatever on the payment of dues by foreign ships in foreign ports. No foreign country that I am aware of has adopted the Isabella decision as part of its tonnage laws. The measurement of tonnage under that decision would be abolished by the Bill in favour of the tonnage of the international arrangement.


Arising out of the answer of the right hon. Gentleman will he tell us where we can got a copy o f the Isabella decision?


No, Sir, I cannot; because there was no decision at all. The hon. Member is probably aware that the case was listed for hearing, but it was never actually heard. The Board of Trade was advised that it had no case.