HC Deb 11 April 1889 vol 335 cc221-2
MR. SEALE-HAYNE (Devon, Ashburton)

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether the Bishop of Marlborough, Suffragan to the Bishop of London, and holding preferment to the value of £1,400 per annum in the diocese of London, also draws £1,000 per annum as Canon of Exeter Cathedral, and refuses to give up the latter preferment notwithstanding an engagement to that effect; whether the Bishop of Marlborough's duties, as Canon of Exeter, are only discharged by deputy; and whether this proceeding, by which funds applicable to the work of the diocese of Exeter are retained by a gentleman whose ministrations have been retained for the diocese of London, is a contravention of the Pluralities Act?


I am informed by the Bishop of Marlborough that he has resigned the Canonry of Exeter. The Bishop of London informs me that, by 26 Henry VIII., c. 14, the only Act which regulates the appointment, duties, and privileges of suffragan bishops, a suffragan is empowered to hold two benefices, and it is clear that it was intended that provision for the payment of a suffragan should be made in this way. It is further declared that— Residence of the suffragan in the diocese where he is commissioned shall serve him for his residence as sufficiently as if he were resident in any other his benefice. The Bishop of Marlborough is, therefore, legally entitled to hold both his rectory in London and his canonry in Exeter. It is not the fact that the Bishop made any engagement to resign his canonry.


Is it proper that the funds of one diocese should be applied to work done in another?


I have given the hon. Member the words of the Statute which apply to the matter.