HC Deb 08 April 1889 vol 334 cc1803-4

I wish to ask the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies whether Ballah Cobbinah, Nassadseneh, and Akoto Mamlay, the last-named said to be an old woman 80 years of age, who at the Gold Coast last August were tried and acquitted on the charge of murdering Assistant Inspector Dalrymple, and who were thereafter committed to Elmina Castle under a special Ordinance "for the detention and deportation of certain political prisoners" passed by the Legislative Council, are still in prison; whether the Ordinance referred to has been approved by Her Majesty's Government; and, if so, whether he will acquaint the House with the circumstances under which these proceedings were taken and sanctioned; and when Parliament will be supplied with Correspondence subsequent to that contained in Parliamentary Paper, C. 5615, which may be expected to throw light on this and other matters growing out of the Tavieve expedition of last June?


The answer to the first and second paragraphs of the hon. Member's question is in the affirmative. It was considered necessary for the public safety that these persons should not be allowed to return to Tavieve. They were the prime movers in arranging and carrying out the murders at Chiavi, which necessitated the sending of the Tavieve expedition, with a view to the prevention of a general civil war throughout the whole of Crepee. There is no correspondence subsequent to that contained in Blue Book, C. 5,615, relating to the affairs of Tavieve or the expedition of June last.