HC Deb 08 April 1889 vol 334 c1802

I wish to ask the Postmaster General whether, in view of the fact that the extra duty performed in the Post Office Savings Bank for the year 1888–9 exceeded the amount allotted for this purpose in the Estimates by nearly £6,000, he will state from what source the excess has been paid; and whether the reason for so large a discrepancy in this and previous years between the sums voted by this House for extra duty in the Post Office Savings Bank and the sums actually paid is to be found in the refusal to grant the increase of staff recommended each year by the Comptroller in connection with the Estimates as submitted by him; and, if not, on whose responsibility was the Estimate for 1888–9 fixed at so low a figure?


The excess referred to can be met out of savings under other sub-heads of the Vote. A very large increase of business has arisen from the closing of a number of old saving banks. Representations have been made by the Comptroller of the Savings Bank from time to time recommending an increase of staff. These representations have been partly met in various ways, but the whole question is engaging the attention of the Government, and I hope that a decision may shortly be arrived at. Meanwhile, I have within the last ten days provisionally assigned 15 additional clerks to the Savings Bank Department in order to relieve the pressure of work. The responsibility for the figures in the Estimates rests on Her Majesty's Government.

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