HC Deb 01 April 1889 vol 334 cc1233-4
MR. BOWEN ROWLANDS (Cardiganshire)

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he had received any information as to the conduct of the police at Tredafydd Farm, in the parish of Penbryn, during the tithe distraints there on 19th March; whether it was the fact that the police charged and batoned the peasants, who had given no other cause of offence than lighting a bonfire; and whether three of the police set upon and beat, amongst others, an old man who had made no sort of disturbance or threatened any resistance? He also asked who was the Superintendent of Police who supplied to the Chief Constable of Cardiganshire the information that the peasants of Penbryn were determined to ill-use the bailiffs employed to levy tithe distraints on 19th March last; at what date such information was given; and whether it was given in writing?


I am informed by the Chief Constable that during the distraints for tithe at Penbryn on the 19th ult., on approaching a farm called Tredafydd, he saw a large volume of smoke issuing from the yard, and before the police reached the place a volley of stones was thrown at them from the direction of the smoke. On entering the premises the police were attacked with pitchforks, several of which were taken from the crowd, and a man with a knife in his hand was also seized by the police. The Chief Constable is not aware that any old man was beaten by the police, but some of the crowd were injured in the scuffle. I will, if the hon. Member wishes it, give him privately the name of the superintendent who gave the information referred to. The information is in writing, and is dated the 16th of March, 1889.