HC Deb 01 April 1889 vol 334 c1244
MR. M. STEWART (Kirkcudbright)

I wish to ask the First Commissioner of Works what steps are being taken to complete the survey of the six counties in Scotland on the six-inch scale; if he can account for the long delay which has taken place; and when it is expected the whole survey of Scotland will be completed?

*MR. PLUNKET (Dublin University)

It is proposed to commence the re-survey of the six Scotch counties as soon as that of Lancashire and Yorkshire has been completed, and to employ at least three of the Survey Divisions continuously upon it until it is finished. The re-survey of the six Scotch counties will, we hope, be commenced in less than three years' time, but no date can be given for its completion until some experience has been gained of the changes that have taken place since the six-inch survey was made. The delay in the re-survey of the six Scotch counties has been due to the fact that the whole strength of the Survey staff has been employed on the survey of English counties, which had no maps on a larger scale than one inch to a mile. The recent delay has been caused by the reduction of the Survey Vote, which has led to the abolition of two Survey Divisions.