HC Deb 27 November 1888 vol 331 cc296-7
MR. J. SINCLAIR (Ayr Burghs)

asked the Lord Advocate, Whether the Governor's house in the prison of Ayr has undergone extensive alterations and repairs at a cost of some £700; whether, while these were in progress, the Governor received an annual sum of £50 in lieu of house rent; whether the Governor still resides outside, warders without extra pay occupying a portion of his house from week to week because of his nightly absence, though the alterations have been completed four or five months ago; and, whether the Governor will be required either to occupy the house or forego the allowance for house rent outside?


The Governor's house in this prison has undergone considerable alteration and repair, at a cost of £597, and not £700, as stated in the Question. Though it is quite correct to say that the Governor received £50 in lieu of house rent while these alterations were in progress, it was not on this account that he received it. He has received this allowance by special arrangement ever since his appointment by the then Secretary of State in 1883, and has always lived outside the prison. No warder sleeps in the Governor's quarters, but a warder occupies the lodge; and no warder receives extra pay for any kind of night duty, either here or in other prisons. The Secretary for Scotland does not propose to require the Governor of the prison to alter the existing arrangements; but, in the event of a vacancy occurring, any other Governor will be required to occupy the house in question.


wished to know what were the special reasons for ex- empting the present Governor from residence in the house within the prison walls?


said, the special reason was that the house, as it existed previous to the alterations, was not considered to afford adequate accommodation. In the event of a new appointment, the house inside the prison would be utilized.


pointed out that the Lord Advocate had not answered his Question as to whether the present Governor should be allowed to live outside and get an extra allowance of rent?

[No reply.]