HC Deb 27 November 1888 vol 331 cc299-300

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If he is aware that, in the West of Ireland, owing to the almost complete failure of the potato crop and the deficiency in yield of oats, the small farmers and labourers will be in a state of comparative destitution; and if he will see his way to urge upon the Government the advisability of commencing works of public utility, in order to provide employment for these unfortunate people during the winter?

THE SOLICITOR GENERAL FOR IRELAND (Mr. MADDEN)(who replied) said (Dublin University)

Local inquiries have been made; and it is found that, as regards the counties of Galway and Roscommon, it is not the case that there is a complete failure of the potato crop. On the contrary, it is reported to be very fair, though below the quality of last year's crop, which was unusually good, while the yield of oats is represented to be quite up to the average. The same remarks apply, it is reported, to all the inland portion of the County Mayo; but in the Island of Achill, and along the coast-line of the county, these crops are not so good as usual. No abnormal distress is anticipated in the districts; and any individual cases which may occur can be readily dealt with under the ordinary Poor Law.