HC Deb 26 November 1888 vol 331 cc152-3
MR. LABOUCHERE (Northampton)

asked Mr. Attorney General, Whether he is aware that the Taxing Master, H. G. Campbell, is Chairman of the Bahia and San Francisco Railway Company, and Director of the Law Eire and Law Life Insurance Companies, of the Trust and Agency Company of Australia, and of the Trust and Loan Company of Canada; whether other Taxing Masters are Directors of various Companies; what are the official hours of attendance of these gentlemen as Taxing Masters; and, whether, during these hours of attendance, they attend the Boards of the various Companies of which they are Directors?


I am informed by Mr. Campbell that he is not a Taxing Master. He held the office of Associate to the Lord Chief Justice of England; and by the Act of 1879, on the abolition of that office, Mr. Campbell became a Master—but not a Taxing Master—of the Supreme Court under special provisions as to the performance of certain duties. Mr. Campbell informs me that he is a Director of the Companies named by the hon. Member; but that he has never allowed his position as Director in any way to interfere with the due and complete discharge of his official duties. It has not been possible for me, in the time which has elapsed since the Question first appeared upon the Paper, to obtain the necessary information in relation to the other parts of the Question, as there are between 30 and 40 officials from whom information has to be obtained. I am, however, informed that before the Question appeared upon the Paper the Lord Chancellor directed an inquiry to be made as to whether there were any instances of any of the Masters attending Board meetings during the hours of attendance. As soon as I have obtained complete information I will communicate with the hon. Member.


asked the hon. and learned Gentleman to ascertain Master Campbell's official hours, and whether any of the Companies met during those official hours?

[No reply.]