HC Deb 26 November 1888 vol 331 c138
MR. BRADLAUGH (Northampton)

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether an action was recently pending in the Supreme Court of Mauritius by Thomas Wilkinson against Mr. Pickersgill, Her Majesty's Consul at Madagascar, for acts alleged to have been done in his Consular capacity; what has been the result of that action; whether, under the judgment of the Supreme Court or otherwise, any and what moneys have been paid by the Acting Consul at Tamatave to the solicitor of Thomas Wilkinson; whether such payments will be included in a Supplementary Estimate; and, whether the Government will lay upon the Table the Papers relating to this case?


The action in question was tried before the Supreme Court of Mauritius in 1885. It was brought against Her Majesty's Consul for acts done in his judicial capacity. The Supreme Court decided that, on technical grounds, the plaintiff was entitled to judgment, and awarded nominal damages with costs. These costs amounted to about £250, which was paid, and is provided for in the Accounts of 1887–8. No Supplementary Vote will be required on account of it. It is considered unnecessary to lay upon the Table Papers relating to this case.