HC Deb 22 November 1888 vol 330 cc1837-8
DR. CAMERON (Glasgow, College)

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether his attention has been called to a Memorial to the Scotch Education Department, adopted at the last meeting of the School Board of Glasgow, praying that the conditions on which the grant for drawing is paid under the Scotch Code should be assimilated to those on which it is paid under the English—namely, that it should not be included in reckoning the 17s. 6d. per scholar in average attendance, to which the amount which may be earned by school managers is limited; and, whether this difference between the conditions on which drawing grants are paid in England and Scotland still exists; and, if so, why effect has not been given to the promise which he made on the subject on the 19th of April last?

THE FIRST LORD (Mr. W. SMITH) (Strand, Westminster)

The questions raised in the debate on the 19th of April last were two—one relating to the conditions of the cookery grant, and the other to the 17s. 6d. limit as affecting the drawing grant. I promised that the conditions of the cookery grant should be suspended for a year, and a Minute to that effect was accordingly laid upon the Table, and has now become operative. But the 17s. 6d. limit, as was explained by the Lord Advocate in the course of the debate, stands on a different footing. I stated, on the 30th of April, that the Scotch Education Department and the Treasury were in communication on that matter. The delay has arisen from the difficulty in ascertaining what arrangement would be most satisfactory to those concerned; but in connection with this the Memorial of the Glasgow School Board is under consideration, and it is hoped that some arrangement will shortly be come to.