HC Deb 20 November 1888 vol 330 c1647

LORD CHARLES BERESFORD (Marylebone, E.) moved for a Return of the actual Naval Expenditure, Ships added to and struck off the Navy Lists, with other details, from 1859 to 1888 inclusive, with totals and averages of triennial periods.

MR. LANE (Cork Co., E.)

asked the noble and gallant Lord to supplement the Return by inserting a sub-head for information as to the amount of money spent on naval works and repairs in Ireland. Many of the Irish Members desired information on this subject, such as would enable them to discuss the matter, for they had very often pressed it unsuccessfully in regard to the small proportion of money spent on naval architecture in Ireland.


said, that he had no objection whatever to the addition of the information asked for.


pointed out that the Return standing upon the Paper was moved for as an unopposed Return.


said, that there was no intention to oppose the Return; all he asked was that it should be postponed for a day, so that the addition which he had suggested should be made.


remarked that his object in getting the Return was that it might be laid on the Table before the Naval Estimates were discussed; and he should be very sorry if the delay now asked for prevented that from being done.


said, that he would put down a Notice on the Paper asking for the additional information.

Motion agreed to.

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