HC Deb 17 May 1888 vol 326 cc517-8
MR. P. M'DONALD (Sligo, N.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether A. E. Fleury, reported in The Lisburn Standard, of April 14 last, as having been appointed incumbent's churchwarden, at a meeting of the annual Easter Vestry of the parish of Christ Church, Lisburn, held on the 4th of April last, the Rev. Arthur J. Moore, M.A., in the chair, is the Constabulary District Inspector of Lisburn; and, whether Mr. Fleury was present at said meeting, when a Resolution in favour of the continuance of the Irish Sunday Closing Act and its extension to the five cities now exempted was passed unanimously; and, if so, whether it is in conformity with the Regulations of the Service for a member of the Constabulary Force to accept or hold any such appointment, or to support, or to assist in the passing of a Resolution at any meeting condemnatory of any Act of Parliament which it is his duty to enforce?


The Inspector General of Constabulary reports that it is the case that District Inspector Fleury was appointed incumbent's churchwarden at Lisburn. A meeting was held at which a Resolution in favour of the Irish Sunday Closing Act was passed. As a matter of fact, Mr. Fleury took no part in the discussion, nor was he, as far as I am aware, present. There is no Rule providing that men in the position of District Inspector should not occupy such a position as that of churchwarden; but the Inspector General recommends the Force not to join Local Bodies.


Do I understand that Mr. Fleury was not present when the Resolution was passed?


He was not present, as I understand.