HC Deb 17 May 1888 vol 326 c541
MR. PROVAND (, &c.) Glasgow, Blackfriars

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether a Circular Letter has been recently addressed by the Civil Service Commissioners to Civil Service writers employed at the various out-ports, informing them that they will be shortly discharged from the Customs Department, and that, if they are prepared to come to London at their own expense, employment could probably be found for them shortly after their arrival; whether this will have the effect of compelling their removal to London (in many cases with their families), and subject them in consequence to much expense and hardship, or in the alternative to practically enforce their retirement from the Service, contrary to the statement of the Secretary to the Treasury, made on the 15th of July, 1887— That there was no desire on the part of the Government to inflict any injustice on the writers, nor to force them out of the Service; and, whether, having regard to the fact that most of these writers have been employed for many years in their present posts, the Board of Customs will reconsider their decision?


A Circular Letter as described was sent by the Civil Service Commission without consultation with the Treasury. I am distinctly of opinion that if any copyists are removed for the benefit of the State from the outports to London the Treasury should allow travelling expenses; and, further, they will be ready to consider any cases which, in the opinion of the Customs, would involve hardship.