HC Deb 15 May 1888 vol 326 cc314-5
MR. PICKARD (York, W.R., Normanton)

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, If his attention has been called to an advertisement which appeared in The Leeds Mercury, 4th May, headed— Coal Mines Regulation Act, 1887. (Advertisement B.) Examination for first and second class certificates of competency as manager and under manager respectively; and concludes with the following note:— N.B.—Persons who do not reside within the district are equally eligible for examination with those who do; whether he will state to the House under what clause of the Act the Board derive their authority to examine persons outside their district; and, whether, if they have no such authority under the Act, and knowing the diverse character of the danger in mines in the various districts, he will give instructions that no Board in future shall examine any person for certificates of competency except such person has worked in a mine at least two years in the district for which the Board was formed?


Yes, Sir, I am aware of such an advertisement. Under Sections 23 to 25 of the Act the Board appear to have power to examine persons who reside out of their districts. It rests with the Board, and not with the Secretary of State, to make Rules as to the qualification of the candidates; but the Act requires the Board to have regard to such knowledge as is necessary for the practical working of mines in the district for which the Board was formed.


asked, whether a certificate given in one district was available for a man who was out of employment in a different district?


It is. I do not know of anything in the Act which prevents an owner in Durham from employing a man who was examined in Wales.