HC Deb 10 May 1888 vol 325 c1819
MR. MARK STEWART (Kirkcudbright)

asked the Secretary to the Local Government Board, When it is proposed to distribute the sum of £5,000 to be given to dairy schools; and if he will consider the desirability of stating at an early day the intentions of the Government on this subject, seeing the 15th and 28th May are the term days in Scotland, on which farmers make arrangements with their dairymen and landlords respectively for the coming year?

THE SECRETARY (Mr. LONG) (Wilts, Devizes)

Having regard to the fact that the Board of Agriculture Bill cannot be passed until towards the end of the Session, the grant of £5,000 will this year be placed at the disposal of the Agricultural Department of the Privy Council, to which applications should be made.