HC Deb 15 March 1888 vol 323 cc1303-4
MR. CHANNING (Northampton, E.)

asked the President of the Local Government Board, Whether, having regard to the Report of the Secretary to the Boundaries Commission, dated 2nd January, 1888, which states that at that date only one-fourth of the work had been done, and that the work of the Commission would probably not be completed till "about the end of July," he will take steps to obtain from the Commission a Preliminary Report, stating definitely the principles on which the Commission have decided to adjust overlapping boundaries of unions; and, whether he will arrange that such Preliminary Report shall be in the hands of Members of this House before the Easter Recess?

MR. F. S. STEVENSON (Suffolk, Eye)

asked, Whether the statement, on page 517 of the Civil Service Estimates, that the work of the Local Government Boundary Commission will be completed about the end of July, is to be taken to indicate that the Report will be issued at that time; and, whether it will be possible to afford to Members an earlier opportunity of becoming acquainted with the general results of the inquiry?

THE PRESIDENT (Mr. RITCHIE) (Tower Hamlets, St. George's)

It does not devolve on the Commissioners to adjust the boundaries; but to make such recommendations as they deem desirable with regard to such adjustment. As regards the Question as to the principles on which the Commissioners will act, I should presume that in each case when the facts have been ascertained the decision of the Boundary Commissioners would be according to the circumstances of the particular case. I will communicate with the Commissioners as to whether it is their intention to submit any Preliminary Report.

In answer to a further Question,


said, I hope on Monday next to be able to explain to the House the principles on which the boundaries will be drawn. The House may be satisfied that no re-adjustment of boundaries will be determined upon without the House having full opportunity of considering each case.