HC Deb 15 March 1888 vol 323 cc1275-6

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, What is the aggregate amount of Consols, Three Per Cent Reduced, and New Threes, held by the several Government Departments which may be converted by the Government under the proposed Government Bill; what is about the total number of separate holdings of private persons and Joint Stock Companies in such three Stocks; what is about the number of separate holdings of such Stocks of not exceeding £1,000; of not exceeding £2,000; of not exceeding£3,000; and, what is about the aggregate amount of such three classes of holdings?


The total amount of the three Stocks held by the Government Departments is £68,843,000; but I cannot say that it may all be converted by the Government, as in many cases the consent of other interested parties would be necessary to conversion. The Bank of England does not distinguish—and has no means of distinguishing—between holdings of individuals and of Joint Stock Banks, so I am unable to answer the hon. Baronet's second Question. With reference to his third Question, I am informed that, speaking very roughly, the number of holdings in these Stocks is, of £1,000 and under, 104,500; under £2,000, and over £1,000, 13,000; under £3,000, and over £2,000, 10,500—total, 128,000. The aggregate amount of such holdings is, roughly, £120,000,000, out of £558,000,000, the total amount of the three Stocks.

MR. T. M. HEALY (Longford, N.)

asked, whether the Chancellor of the Exchequer would to-morrow give the House some idea of the quantities of each class of Stock held in Ireland; and whether, in view of the fact that one special class was more generally held in that country than others, it would not be unfairly dealt with?


said, he could not give the hon. and learned Member the information he wished for; as to the latter part of his Question, the application of principle was general.