HC Deb 05 March 1888 vol 323 c193



(Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty.)

The Estimates for 1887–8 showed an anticipated expenditure of £15,305,700 for effective, and £3,088,200 for non-effective services, making a total of £18,393,900. For the first time for eight years no Supplementary Estimates have been found to be necessary.

Before making any comparison with the Estimates now submitted to Parliament, it should be remembered that the charge for naval ordnance has been transferred to the Navy Estimates, while the cost of the transport of troops by sea is now to be borne by the Army. If the same course had been adopted in 1887–8, the Army Estimates for that year would have amounted to £16,882,319.

For 1888–9 the Estimates show an expenditure of £16,700,300, of which £13,672,700 is for effective, and £3,027,600 for non-effective services. To this must be added the Ordnance Factories' Vote for £30,000. It will thus be seen that, compared with last year's Estimates, adjusted as above, the amount now required for the service of the Army shows a net decrease £152,019.

I proceed now to an examination of the more important changes in our military organization and preparations which have taken place in the past year, and to the effect on the individual Votes resulting therefrom.

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