HC Deb 27 June 1888 vol 327 c1426

PRIVATE BILL (by Order.)—Second Reading—Channel Tunnel (Experimental Works), put off.

PUBLIC BILLS—OrderedFirst Reading—Statute Law Revision (Master and Servant)* [310].

Second Reading—Occupiers' Disqualification Removal [110].

Committee—Oaths [7]—R.P.; Solicitors (Ireland) [140]—R.P.

CommitteeReportSupreme Court of Judicature (Ireland) Act (1877) Amendment [281–309].

Third Reading—Libel Law Amendment [17–294] and passed.

PROVISIONAL ORDER BILLS—Second Reading—Elementary Education Confirmation (Birmingham) *[304].

Report—Local Government (No. 5) *[205].

Considered as amended—Tramways (No. 3)* [243].