HC Deb 25 June 1888 vol 327 cc1118-9
MR. M. J. KENNY (Tyrone, Mid)

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, If the Royal Dublin Society have reported to the Government the manner in which they have expended the sum of £5,000 entrusted to them for the improvement of horse and cattle breeding in Ireland; and, if he has any objection to giving a Return showing the names of members of local committees; the number of selected; the names of owners of such horses; the districts set apart for each horse; the number of bulls, with their respective; the number of applications for service premiums; the number of applications refused, with reasons for such refusal; the districts in which selected bulls are located; and, the amount of surplus, if any?


(who replied) said: The Royal Dublin Society have furnished a detailed Report of the manner in which they have dealt with the £5,000 for horse and cattle breeding. There would be no objection to grant a Return in the form indicated, excepting as regards that portion relating to number of applications for and refusal of service premiums, of which there is no record. The refusals, I understand, were few. I may, however, point out that the Royal Dublin Society have given considerable information on the subject of the distribution of the grant in their published proceedings, and in a special pamphlet. The hon. Member may possibly find these sufficient for the purpose he has in view.


said, he had desired that these Returns should be issued to Members of the House, so that Parliament would have an opportunity of forming an opinion as to the manner in which this money had been disposed of.