HC Deb 21 June 1888 vol 327 c804
MR. LAWSON (St. Pancras, W.)

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether he is aware of the unsatisfactory condition of Primrose Hill, that the paths are worn away and denuded of grass, and no adequate efforts are made to preserve the property as originally laid out when converted into a park; and, what steps he proposes to take for the purpose of restoring and preserving the enclosure of Primrose Hill as a recreation ground for the benefit of the large number of persons who frequent it as a popular place of resort?


in reply, said, he was well aware of the condition of Primrose Hill from frequent personal observation; and he could not admit that, considering the nature of the case, it could fairly be described as unsatisfactory. The grass near the paths was in places worn away; and, no doubt, this deterioration could, to some extent, be remedied by putting up cross hurdles and other fencing, and thus keeping people more strictly within bounds. But this would be to treat Primrose Hill as a private park or garden, rather than as a place open, as it now practically was, for thoroughfare at all hours of the day and night to the public generally. The Hill looked very well in the spring time; but he was afraid that he could not promise to take any steps which would prevent the grass from being worn away in the dry weather.


asked, if the First Commissioner would give orders that Primrose Hill should be watered at night?


It was well watered last night.