HC Deb 21 June 1888 vol 327 cc823-4

asked Mr. Attorney General, Whether his attention has been directed to the report in The Times newspaper of April 21 last of the case "Ex parte George Williams," in which application was made for a mandamus to the Governor and Commissioners of Chelsea Hos- pital to issue their warrant for payment to the applicant of certain arrears of pension; whether the Court, as therein stated, intimated their opinion that the applicant should get the fiat of the Attorney General for a Petition of Right; and, whether such a proceeding could be adopted without cost?


I have referred to the report of the case mentioned by the hon. Member in The Times newspaper of April 21 last. As I understand, the Court did not express any opinion; but pointed out that the remedy of the applicant, if any, was by Petition of Right. It is the fiat of Her Majesty, and not that of the Attorney General, that is required in these cases. No fee is payable on the Petition to Her Majesty, to the Home Office, or to the Attorney General. If a Petition of Right will lie in Williams' case, he should present a Petition in the form prescribed by 23 and 24 Vict. c 34. He can present such Petition himself, or through a solicitor.