HC Deb 18 June 1888 vol 327 cc454-5

In reply to Mr. CAINE (Barrow-in-Furness),


said, that John Mara, who was charged before Mr. Newton at Marlborough Street Police Court with attempted pocket picking, was remanded twice, not three times. The evidence to which reference was made was forthcoming on Saturday last. The magistrate informed him that the prisoner was remanded, in the first instance, in order to ascertain if anything was known of him by the warders and detectives who visited the prison for the purpose—a course which was not unusual; in the second instance, because the magistrate at the close of that day's examination was informed for the first time that the evidence of two other detectives could be obtained whose examination was desired by the prisoner's solicitor. He was also informed by the magistrate that Story did not state that he was present in the Court on Monday, the 11th. He had been present, but had gone away, not knowing he would be wanted. Gregory did say that he was on special duty on the 4th; but he had not had time to ascertain what that special duty was. Detective Mott did not require 14 days to produce two witnesses. Inquiry was now being made into the treatment of Mara in Holloway. The Prison Rules declared that criminal prisoners before trial might, if they desired it, wear the prison dress; and they should be required to do so if their own clothes were insufficient or unfit for use, or had to be preserved for the purposes of justice. But the dress was of a different kind from the dress of a convicted prisoner. It was not usual for prisoners under remand to sleep on plank beds without a mattress. He was informed by the magistrate that the extent of the charge was, for the first time, made known to him at the close of the prosecution on Saturday, and, therefore, bail was taken. Up till then he did not know whether the case might not turn out to be a felony.


gave Notice that he would take the earliest possible opportunity of moving a Resolution respecting the conduct of business at Marlborough Street Police Court.