HC Deb 25 July 1888 vol 329 cc433-4

MATTER—considered in Committee.

(In the Committee.)

THE PRESIDENT OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD (Mr. RITCHIE) (Tower Hamlets, St. George's) moved a Resolution, authorizing the payment out of the Consolidated Fund in respect of the Shrievalty of Middlesex of the sum required by the Local Government (England and Wales) Bill.

Motion made, and Question proposed, That it is expedient to authorise the payment, out of the Consolidated Fund, of the sum payable by the City of London in respect of the Shrievalty of Middlesex, or of the amount which may be required for redeeming such sum, in pursuance of the provisions of any Act of the present Session relating to Local Government in England and Wales."—(Mr. Ritchie.)

DR. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid)

said, he had expected that the right hon. Gentleman would have given some explanation of the Resolution before asking the Committee to vote it. The right hon. Gentleman had moved the Resolution without a word of comment, whereas he ought to have risen voluntarily, and given his reasons for moving it. He (Dr. Tanner) strongly objected to that mode of voting away the public money without a word of explanation.


said, he should he very glad to explain what the object of the Resolution was. It was a Resolution to authorize the payment of a certain sum of money out of the Consolidated Fund, and it would be embodied in a clause in the Local Government Bill. In the time of Henry I. the City undertook to pay a sum of £300 per annum to the Crown for the privilege of appointing the Shrievalty of Middlesex. That annuity had been sold by the Crown, and was now, he believed, in the possession of certain old ladies. By the Local Government Bill the privilege of appointing the Sheriffs of Middlesex was taken away from the City, and the annuity of £300 a-year had con- sequently fallen in, and the Crown had now to provide an annuity of the same amount to be paid to the old ladies.


asked the right hon. Gentleman to explain how he intended to deal with these old ladies, who might be dependent for their living on this annuity? What amount was it intended to grant them, and out of what fund was it going to be granted?


said, the amount would be paid out of the Consolidated Fund.


asked how much would he paid?


said, exactly what the old ladies were entitled to; nothing more and nothing less. It was quite clear that the alteration which was made by the Local Government Bill in regard to the Shrievalty of Middlesex rendered it necessary that some other provision should be made in place of the annuity which had hitherto been paid by the City.


said, the Government appeared to be about to establish a new perpetual pension, and he very much objected to the principle.

Question put, and agreed to.

Resolution to be reported To-morrow.