HC Deb 17 July 1888 vol 328 cc1523-4
MR. WIGGIN (Staffordshire, Handsworth)

asked the hon. Member for the Penrith Division of Cumberland, Whether the attention of the Charity Commissioners has been called to the fact that, although the rents of the Handsworth Bridge Charities have increased about 150 per cent since 1859, the bridges of the Charity have not been kept in repair, nor has any elementary or branch school been established by the Trustees of the Charity at or near Perry Bar, as provided by the scheme; can he state whether the sum of £20 has been annually invested in Consols, as provided by the scheme; and, if so how much now stands so invested; whether the accounts of the Trust have been sent annually to the Commission; and, whether the Commission has taken any steps in the past 38 years to see that the provisions of the scheme are carried out by the Trustees whom they appointed; if not, on whom does that duty devolve?

MR. J. W. LOWTHER (Cumberland, Penrith)

The endowment of the Hands-worth Bridge Charities was, by a scheme of the Court of Chancery, made 29—not 38—years ago, and applied, inter alia, to the maintenance of a secondary school. Six bridges were to be wholly or in part kept in repair, and an elementary or branch school was to be established at Perry Bar. The bridges have been kept in repair; but not, for the most part, out of the funds of the Charity. The sum of £20 was, for three years, annually invested as directed, and £65 now stands so invested. The accounts of the Trust have been sent annually to the Commission. Neither the elementary nor the branch school at Perry Bar has been established owing to a deficiency of funds. The attention of the Charity Commissioners having been called to these facts, the case has been under their careful consideration, with a view to the establishment of a scheme under the Endowed Schools Act, which, it is hoped, will shortly be submitted to the Education Department.