HC Deb 09 July 1888 vol 328 cc731-2
MR. KILBRIDE (Kerry, S.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether he has any objection to lay upon the Table of the House a Return of the Superintendents appointed to conduct the recent Intermediate Examinations in Ireland specifying their religious denominations, their previous employments, the dates of their first appointment as Superintendents, the number of days they were actually employed, and the remuneration paid to each?


The Assistant Commissioners of Intermediate Education inform me that 121 gentlemen and 47 ladies were employed as Centre Superintendents at the recent examinations. In each case about one-half were Roman Catholics. The Board have not materials for furnishing information as to the previous employment of the Superintendents in every case. The appointments are not permanent, but are made each year. The number of days on which they are actually employed varies with the requirements of each centre. Superintendents, who are not obliged to sleep out of their homes, receive a daily allowance of £1 as long as employed, such remuneration, however, in no case to be less than £5, or more than £10. They also receive actual expenses of locomotion. When required to sleep out of their homes the remuneration is fixed at £10, if their services are dispensed with before the Sunday after commencement of the examination, and otherwise a bulk sum of £15. They also receive actual expenses of locomotion.