HC Deb 05 July 1888 vol 328 cc410-1
DR. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid)

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether the contractor for Ballycotton (County Cork) Pier has been paid in full; and, if so, what amount; whether he has completed the removal of rubble, &c.; whether it is a fact that four feet of the old pier which jut into the harbour still remain; whether, instead of taking up the pavement, which has now sunk four or five inches, five channels have been cut disfiguring the work; whether the County Cork Grand Jury, acting on the advice of the County Surveyor, Mr. Kirkby, refused to take over the work from the contractor; whether their refusal was because the work was not properly finished; and, whether a competent and independent engineer will be sent to inspect the harbour, for the purpose of reporting upon it and affording an opportunity of remedying the alleged serious defects in the construction of the pier?


Yes; the contractor has been paid in full of all demands, £19,271, of which £598 is for extra work not included in the original sanctioned design. The removal of rubble affecting the berths and bed of the old harbour has been carried out. The old pier has been removed, as provided in the original scheme; and, according to my information, it is not a fact that four feet of this remains above the bed of the harbour adjacent to it. Small partial depressions exist in the pavement, and five small grooves have been made to drain off the surface water; but the depressions are quite unimportant. On the harbour being transferred to the Grand Jury by Warrant dated January 31, 1888, the latter requested that some extra works should be carried out, which, on the approval of the Treasury, have been executed. There seems to be no ground for taking the course suggested in the last paragraph, the harbour being extremely good in both design and execution.