HC Deb 03 July 1888 vol 328 cc197-8

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, What proportion the sergeants of the A Division have had of the numerous promotions which have lately taken place; whether sergeants of other Divisions have been promoted with less service than those of the A Division, who have been debarred higher rank; and, if so, can be state why; whether, by this treatment, seven sergeants at least have sustained an injury which is calculated to have very serious results to their future prospects; if he can explain the reason of this treatment of the sergeants of the A Division, knowing, as they do, that at least 12 of their number, with from 10 to 12 years' service, can pass the required examination; and, whe- ther he will take steps with a view of remedying the grievance complained of?


I am informed by the Chief Commissioner that the A Division has had the same proportion of promotions available as the other Divisions; if fewer men have been promoted it is because the Superintendent, whose duty it is to recommend for promotion, did not consider them fit. There are about 30 sergeants in the A Division, of whom seven have been promoted to be Inspectors during the last eight months. The Chief Commissioner has no means of knowing who are the seven sergeants referred to by the hon. Member as having sustained an injury which is calculated injuriously to affect their future prospects; but he informs me that there is not a single case of a sergeant of more than 10 years' service who is fit for promotion and able to pass the examination who has not been promoted. It is not a part of my duty to decide what men, or what number of men, in each Division shall be promoted. This is a matter entirely for the discretion of the Chief Commissioner.