HC Deb 02 July 1888 vol 328 c69
MR. MARK STEWART (Kirkcudbright)

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, If in his proposal to allow 2d. per day to indoor paupers in Scotland, he has taken into consideration the fact that very few indoor paupers from parishes enter the poorhouses in rural Scotland, and that, consequently, these parishes will receive very little Government aid from the proposed arrangement?


I am perfectly aware that there are very few indoor paupers in rural parishes in Scotland, and that, consequently, the allowance of 2d. per day per head of indoor paupers will benefit principally the urban districts. But the proposal of the Government also provides that the balance of £64,000, after the payment of 2d. per head per day for each indoor pauper, should be divided according to the amount of accommodation provided in each poorhouse. In this way every parish which has contributed to the erection of a poorhouse will benefit, although it may have no indoor paupers. But the hon. Member must also recollect that if the rural parishes are at a disadvantage in one respect this disadvantage has been compensated in another direction. The proposal contemplates a contribution of £70,000 to main roads, as against £35,000 which used to be paid, and the great bulk of this sum will go in the relief of rural ratepayers, and this sum of £70,000 will be increased to £105,000, if the Excise Duties (Local Purposes) Act is applied to Scotland.