HC Deb 23 February 1888 vol 322 cc1233-5
MR. M'OARTAN (Down, S.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether he can give the names of the Sub-Commissioners who are to hold a sitting in County Down in April next: whether he can state how many applications to fix fair rents in the County of Down were served on the Land Commission up to the 1st November last, and still remain unheard; and, how many of these applications are in respect of holdings on the estates of each of the following landlords:—The Lord Lieutenant, the Marquess of Downshire, Baron Trevor, Colonel Forde, and Lord Annesley? The hon. Member said: Perhaps in connection with this Question I might be permitted also to ask what town the Sub-Commission will hold its first sitting in?

THE PARLIAMENTARY UNDER SECRETARY (Colonel KING-HARMAN)(who replied) (Kent, Isle of Thanet)

said: The Land Commissioners inform me that the Sub-Commission which will sit in the County Down on the 4th of April will be composed of Messrs. E. Greer (Chairman), J. J. Guiry, H. Johnston, S. Mowbray, and F. O'Callaghan. Of the applications to fix fair rents from the County Down, which were served on the Land Commission up to the 1st of November last, 3,497 still remain unheard. Of the above number, the following are in respect of the estates of the landlords named:—The Lord Lieutenant, 55: Marquess of Downshire, 425; Lord Trevor, 70; Colonel Forde, 263; and Lord Annesley, 419.

MR. DILLON (Mayo, E.)

I wish to ask the right hon. and gallant Gentleman, whether this Commission which is to adjudicate on rents in the County Down, the names of which have just been read, and which is to adjudicate on the Lord Lieutenant's estate, whether the Lord Lieutenant has himself selected the Commissioners who are to go there? It would be a desirable thing to know that.


The Lord Lieutenant has had nothing whatever to do with their appointment.


Who has adopted the names of the Commissioners?


The Land Commissioners, of course, as usual.


asked the right hon. and gallant Gentleman, whether he was aware that in the case of a number of tenants on the Lord Lieutenant's estate a settlement had to be arrived at owing to the delay of the sitting of the Land Commissioners?


May I ask the right hon. and gallant Gentleman, whether Mr. O'Callaghan, whose name has been readout as one of the Sub-Commissioners, is a gentleman whose own rents had been reduced by 30 per cent?


I have no information on the subject whatsoever.