HC Deb 23 February 1888 vol 322 cc1223-4
MR. H. CAMPBELL (Fermanagh, S.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether it is the fact that some years ago an outrage was committed in Castlecaldwell; whether efforts were then made to saddle the perpetration of that outrage upon the Catholics of the district; whether it turned out that the author of the outrage was not a Catholic, but a stranger brought into the neighbourhood by a local magnate; whether the perpetration of the present outrages at Castlecaldwell and Mullaghdun has been charged by the landlord party against the Nationalists and Catholics of Fermanagh; whether there is any evidence to disprove the allegation of the hon. Member for North Fermanagh (Mr. W. Redmond); and, whether, under the circumstances, he intends to order an inquiry into these occurrences, under the provisions of the Criminal Law and Procedure (Ireland) Act?

MR. JORDAN (Clare, W.)

had also the following Question on the Paper on the same subject:—To ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If he has obtained further information in reference to the perpetrators of the alleged outrages in the Protestant Episcopal Church at Castlecaldwell, and in the Protestant Episcopal Church at Mullaghdun, County Fermanagh; if so, if he would state what; and, if he will also state the conclusion of the authorities in the districts in relation thereto?

THE PARLIAMENTARY UNDER SECRETARY (Colonel KING-HARMAN)(who replied) (Kent, Isle of Thanet)

said: It is the case that some years ago, in. 1881, an outrage was committed at Castlecaldwell. An old house had been entered and a fishing-rod and window blind stolen therefrom. It is not true, however, that an attempt was made to saddle the outrage upon the Roman Catholics, the offender, who was a Protestant residing in the district, having been arrested a few hours afterwards and the articles found in his possession. The only knowledge I have as regards the fourth paragraph is that which appears in the Questions already answered in the House on the subject. The sole evidence at present to disprove the allegation of the hon. Member for North Fermanagh is of a negative character, consisting of the fact that there is no evidence whatever to substantiate it. I am not aware of what further information the police may have obtained; but they are still making every effort to elucidate the matter. The Government do not see any reason to order the inquiry suggested.