HC Deb 21 February 1888 vol 322 c1000
MR. KING (Hull, Central)

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether the Lords of the Treasury have lately sanctioned the promotion of about 50 Civil Service copyists in the various London offices to the Lower Division, under the Treasury Minute of December, 1886; whether it is intended to extend this privilege, at an early date, to copyists employed at the outposts, who may have been specially recommended to the Treasury at the same time; and, whether the 50 persons in London had a prior claim on account of seniority?


The Treasury has sanctioned promotion to the Lower Division of a certain number of copyists on the general register of the Civil Service Commissioners. The promotions were made with no reference to the place of employment of the copyists, whether in London or elsewhere. Some such copyists, employed under the Board of Customs at the outports, have been recommended to the Treasury; but in connection with this recommendation a general question as to the employment of copyists at the outports has arisen, and the two questions are still under consideration.