HC Deb 21 December 1888 vol 332 cc960-1
MR. ROWNTREE (Scarborough)

asked the Postmaster General, If he would consider the practicability of extending the advantages of the Parcel Post to the Postal Service between this country and the United States of America?

THE POST MASTER GENERAL (Mr. RAIKES) (Cambridge University)

With the exception of the United States, there is now no civilized and scarcely any uncivilized country which has not the advantage of the Parcel Post. I can assure the hon. Member that I am fully alive to the importance of extending the Parcel Post to the United States, and I have lost no opportunity of pressing the question upon the attention of the United States Post Office. The difficulty hitherto has been that American law stood in the way; and in the hope of being able to make some temporary arrangement, short of an actual Convention, an officer of my Department was some time ago sent specially to New York and Washington to collect information. Recent circumstances have led me to believe that the difficulty in American law which barred the way to a Convention may have been overcome; and the hon. Member may rest satisfied that I will avail myself of the first occasion which presents itself of again pressing my proposals for the extension of the Parcel Post to the United States.