HC Deb 20 December 1888 vol 332 cc895-6
MR. BRADLAUGH(for Mr. CHANNING) (Northampton, E.) (Northampton)

asked the President of the Board of Trade, Whether he has considered the Report of Major Marindin on the fatal accident to platelayers near Syston, on the Midland Railway; whether it appears from that Report that such Rules of the Midland Company as affect the platelayers refer to the protection of the trains, and not to the protection of the platelayers themselves; whether in the recorded Regulations for foggy weather, issued last September by the London and North Western Railway, there are no Rules for the special protection of platelayers in their work; and, whether, having regard to the frequent loss of life, he will cause a Board of Trade Circular to be issued to all the Companies, drawing attention to Major Marindin's Report, and especially to his comments on the absence of— Rules providing for men being posted out to protect gangs at ordinary work on curves or other places where the view of the line is restricted, or for their protection by other means; and to his recommendation that— Additions should be made to the Rules, defining accurately the precautions which should be taken for the safety of men working upon the line….and making it clear that during fogs no work which can possibly be avoided is to be carried on upon any part of the line where the men will be in danger?


Yes, Sir; I have seen the Report referred to, and the facts disclosed in that Report are as stated by the hon. Member. The Board of Trade have no information as to Rules issued by the London and North-Western Railway Company last September; but a Circular to the Companies has been issued calling attention to the Report on the accident in question and the recommendations made therein.