HC Deb 20 December 1888 vol 332 cc861-2
MR. F. W. MACLEAN (Oxford, Woodstock)

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether the Commissioners of Woods and Forests distrained, on October 1 last, on a farm called Leafield Farm, in Oxfordshire, held of the Crown, for rent which was not due and payable until October 10 last, and without any previous demand having been made upon the tenant for payment of such rent; and, if so, under what right or authority they so acted; whether the Commissioners demanded possession of the farmhouse to be given up on October 10, refusing to the outgoing tenant permission to occupy any part thereof in accordance with the usual custom, to enable him to dispose of the stock and produce of the farm; whether the Commissioners have taken proceedings in ejectment against the tenant, because he refuses to give up possession until he has been paid, either by the incoming tenant or by the Commissioners, the value of his unexhausted improvements; and, whether, if this be so, such ejectment action will be proceeded with?


Instructions were given to distrain for the rent due in respect of the last quarter of the tenancy, expiring on October 10 last, which rent was payable on July 5 last. No distress was actually made, as the rent in arrear was paid to the bailiff. Under the lease the tenant had no claim to occupy the farmhouse; but, as usual, authority has been given to occupy for a short time part of the barns and outhouses. A valuer has been appointed, and there is no wish on the part of the Crown to delay a settlement. It is necessary to obtain possession of the farmhouse, as the holding has been let as from Michaelmas last.