HC Deb 19 December 1888 vol 332 c801

NEW MEMBER SWORN—Hon. Francis Richard Guy Charles Greville, commonly called Lord Brooke, for the Borough of Colchester,

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—Resolutions [December 18] reported.

WAYS AND MEANS—considered in Committee—£20,984,191, Consolidated Fund.

Resolutions [December 17] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—Ordered—First Reading—Consolidated Fund (Appropriation)*.

CommitteeFriendly Societies Act, 1875, Amendment (No. 4) [398] [House counted out].

Committee—Report—Solicitors * [347].

Committee—Report—Third Reading— Suffragans' Nomination * [363], and passed.

Committee—Report—Considered—Third Reading—Probate Duties (Scotland and Ireland) * [397]: Liability of Trustees (re-comm.) * [365], and passed.

Considered as amended—Third Reading—Statute Law Revision (No. 2)* [393], and passed.

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