HC Deb 13 December 1888 vol 332 cc92-3
THE LORD MAYOR OF DUBLIN (Mr. SEXTON)(for Mr. FLYNN)(Cork, N.) (Belfast, W.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If he can say, in reference to the men from Meelin, County Cork, accused and convicted with Father Kennedy, R.C.C., of taking part in a meeting of the National League in a proclaimed district, when they will be arrested; and, whether it would be possible and practicable to effect the arrest of all of them on the same day, so as to prevent a repetition of exciting scenes calculated to disturb the public peace of the district?


I am informed that the suggestion contained in the last paragraph would not be practicable or convenient; but every care will be taken to prevent any disturbance of the public peace.


Will it not be practicable, in order to avoid disturbance, to make arrangements for the surrender of the persons proceeded against?


I will consider that suggestion. Will the hon. Member put the Question on the Paper for a later day?

THE LORD MAYOR OF DUBLIN (Mr. SEXTON)(for Mr. FLYNN) (Cork, N.) (Belfast, W.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in reference to the arrest of Father M. B. Kennedy, R.C.C., Meelin, in his bedroom on the morning of Friday, December 1, On what authority the statement is made that Major Hutchinson, E.M., attended at Newmarket to receive Father Kennedy and 12 of his parishioners into custody; if he is aware Major Hutchinson did not arrive at Newmarket in command of a company of soldiers until after the Court had adjourned; and that Father Kennedy and his fellow-accused remained until the adjournment of the Court; and, can he state why no arrangements were made by the proper authorities to have some Resident Magistrate in Newmarket Court-house on the day mentioned in the recognizances, in order to receive Father Kennedy and the others into custody, and thus avoid the excitement attendant on the sudden arrest of a priest?


The hon. Member appears to be under a misapprehension as to the statement that was made about the attendance of Major Hutchinson at Newmarket. It was not stated that he had attended to take the defendants into custody; but that he was on duty there all that day. The District Inspector of Constabulary repeats his statement that the defendants did not attend in Newmarket on the day alleged. There was no ground for making the arrangement mentioned in the last paragraph. The defendants were not bound to attend on that day; and, as a matter of fact, no notice of the magistrate's decision having been upheld had been received at the time from the Court of Exchequer.