HC Deb 10 December 1888 vol 331 cc1599-600
MR. J. E. ELLIS (Nottingham, Rushcliffe)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, In what manner (whether by examination, nomination, length of service, or any other method) appointments are made to the positions in the Royal Irish Constabulary of County Inspectors, District Inspectors of first, second, and third class, Head Constables, Sergeants, and Sergeants (acting); and, whether there are any minimum or maximum limits of age in each of these ranks, and, in that case, what are they?

THE SOLICITOR GENERAL FOR IRELAND (Mr. MADDEN)(who replied) (Dublin University)

asked the hon. Gentleman to postpone his Question, as the information had not yet been received from the Irish Office.


asked, whether he was to understand that there was no information in the Irish Office with regard to this matter?


The hon. Gentleman is to undertand that, on this Question appearing, a Report was called for at once; but, as it has not yet been received, I am not in a position to answer the Question.