HC Deb 06 August 1888 vol 329 cc1707-8
MR. M'CARTAN (Down, S.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether he is aware that there are certain leases of houses in Castlewellan, County Down, wherein the lessor has provided that if the lessee, his heirs, or assigns harbour or give a night's lodging to an "attorney-at-law," the rent shall be increased to a penal amount therein mentioned; and, whether he will introduce a clause into the Solicitors Bill, to relieve "attorneys-at-law" from such exclusive treatment without exposing the tenants of these houses to the imposition of any such penalty for giving a night's lodging to members of this branch of the Legal Profession?


(who replied) said: I was certainly not aware of the facts referred to by the hon. Member; and I have never, in the course of my professional experience, come across leases containing any clauses at all analogous to those to which he has called attention. As regards the suggestion contained in the second paragraph, I am afraid that parties to leases must be allowed to enter into their own contracts, no matter how peculiar their views may be; and I do not see my way to suggest special legislation dealing with these particular leases.


Is it fair to have attorneys Boycotted in this fashion?


If the hon. Gentleman asks me my private opinion, I say certainly not.