HC Deb 03 August 1888 vol 329 cc1418-9

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether he can now indicate, for the convenience of hon. Members, the duration to which Her Majesty's Government expect that the Autumn Sittings, which are to commence in the first week in November, will extend?

MR. COBB (Warwick, S.E., Rugby)

asked, whether the right hon. Gentleman was in a position to say what length the interval would be between the present Sitting and the Autumn Sitting?

THE FIRST LORD (Mr. W. H. SMITH) (Strand, Westminster)

The interval must depend on the period at which the House rises. I should be very glad if it were in my power to give the right hon. Gentleman the information he desires to obtain; but it is impossible for me to say more at present than that the Government will be anxious to keep the Sittings within the narrowest possible limits consistently with the necessities of Public Business.

MR. J. B. BALFOUR&c.) (Clackmannan,

asked, whether the Government had taken any resolution as to giving a day for Scotch Business; and, if so, whether it would be an early day?


said, considering the advanced period of the Session and the enormous bulk of the Burgh Police and Health (Scotland) Bill, perhaps the right hon. Gentleman would consider the propriety either of postponing Scotch Business altogether to the Autumn Session or dropping it?


said, he was not prepared to drop the Scotch Business for the rest of the Session. He thought he should be failing in his duty to the House and the country if he were to entertain the suggestion. But, with regard to the Question of the right hon. and learned Gentleman opposite (Mr. J. B. Balfour), he had to say that, in the event of the Members of Parliament (Charges and Allegations) Bill being read a third time on Tuesday, he should propose that Wednesday should be allotted for Scotch Business, if that would be a convenient arrangement to hon. Members; and he trusted that the bulky Bill to which the hon. Gentleman (Mr. Robertson) referred might be considered during that Sitting.