HC Deb 03 August 1888 vol 329 c1411

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, What are the qualifications necessary for the appointment of Naval Knights of Windsor; under what Act or Law they are appointed; when was the rank instituted, and by whom; what emoluments, advantages, or privileges are derived from the appointment; whether Commander Cawley has applied to the Admiralty for such an appointment; and, whether vacancies have been filled up by officers whose services are not so meritorious as those of Commander Cawley?


The Naval Knights of Windsor, seven in number, were established in 1724, under the will of the late Mr. Samuel Travers. The endowment was supplemented in 1805 by a private legacy. The emoluments of the appointment are that the holders receive £200 a-year and free lodging. They are required to be single men and to live in common. Various Acts of Parliament have established and amended the conditions and qualifications for the holders of the appointments, the last being in 1885 (48–49 Vict. c. 42). Commander Cawley is among the applicants for appointment; but he is not, in the opinion of the Admiralty, the most desirable candidate to recommend.