HC Deb 30 April 1888 vol 325 cc1003-4



said, he had been reminded that it would not be necessary to introduce a new Resolution on account of the alterations he proposed to make in the Wheel Tax, because the effect of the Amendment would be to lower the tax, and a Bill could be introduced containing the Amendment, but founded upon the same Resolution. He hoped to bring in the Bill in a very few days, and he believed it would meet the general convenience of the House if the discussion were taken upon the second reading of the Bill, which should be taken on the earliest possible day.

MR. CAUSTON (Southwark, W.)

said, of course it was expected the discussion would have taken place that night. Did the right hon. Gentleman propose to make no statement on introducing the Bill? He further understood the right hon. Gentleman to say he would introduce the Bill in a few days; but earlier in the evening a promise was made that the Bill should be in the hands of Members in two days.


said, he thought the hon. Member asked that the matter should not be brought on later than 12 o'clock, and it had been found impossible to bring it on earlier. He understood that hon. Members generally were willing that the discussion should betaken on the second reading in preference to discussing a new Resolution. The House would be aware that the Resolution passed was an Instruction to bring in the Bill, so that there would not be a stage to discuss leave to introduce the Bill. He hoped the Bill would be in the hands of Members on Wednesday or Thursday, and that the Bill might be brought in on Monday. On that last point he must confer with his right hon. Friend the First Lord of the Treasury.


Will it be taken as first Order?


I cannot undertake to promise that.

MR. HUNTER (Aberdeen, N.)

Will the Bill apply to Scotland?


I cannot say at the moment. I have not had the opportunity of consultation on that point.

MR. BUCHANAN (Edinburgh, W.)

The Resolution applied to Great Britain. Would not the Bill have the same application?


said, of course it would be open to the House to amend the Bill, making it apply to England only. But he hoped before Monday to make an announcement in reference to that.

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