HC Deb 17 April 1888 vol 324 cc1477-8
MR. LEWIS (Anglesey)

asked the President of the Board of Trade, Whether the facts contained in the Memorial presented to the Board of Trade by the Holyhead Local Board in July last, showing the great necessity, in the interest of shipping generally, as well as for the safety of the Holyhead steamers, that the Platters Rocks in the harbour be removed, are correct; whether the Government received a Memorial from the Incorporated Chamber of Commerce of Liverpool, in support of the above-mentioned Memorial, stating that they had consulted the principal Shipping and Underwriting Associations of that port, and found that they all agree that the removal of the rocks in question would be greatly increasing the harbour of refuge accommodation, and prevent the loss of many lives and much valuable property; whether the Government received a similar Memorial from the Committee of Lloyd's, as well as from several other influential Bodies, to the same effect; and, whether the Government, if not prepared to have the rocks removed, intend to have one of the other two schemes, that have been for years under the consideration of the Government, carried out—namely, either to build over the Platters, leaving entrance on each side to the inner harbour, or to run a pier from the Salt Island on the rocks?


The Board of Trade have received the various Memorials referred to by the hon. Member on the subject of the removal of the Platters Rocks; but I am not prepared, within the limits of a reply, to express an opinion on all the statements which have been made therein. Neither of the schemes referred to by the hon. Member in the last paragraph of his Question has for some years been under the consideration of the Board of Trade; but they appear to have been suggested under different circumstances before part of the present breakwater was made.