HC Deb 09 April 1888 vol 324 cc701-2
DR. CAMERON (Glasgow, College)

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether the Commissioners of Inland Revenue have ordered an importer of Mexican pulque in Edinburgh to take out a wine and spirit licence as a condition of his being allowed to retail that beverage; would he explain under what provisions of the law has the demand been made; whether the alcoholic strength of koumiss is equal or superior to that of pulque; and, whether any wine and spirit licence has ever been acquired in the case of persons retailing koumiss in London?


The Board of Inland Revenue have notified to an importer of Mexican pulque that this alcoholic beverage can only be sold by the holder of a spirit licence. A sample of the pulque in question was found to contain over 10 per cent of proof spirit; it was accordingly charged by the Customs with Spirit Duty, and it can only be sold by the owner of a spirit licence. The alcoholic strength of koumiss is considerably less than that of pulque. No person retailing koumiss in London has ever been required to take out a spirit licence.


asked, what was the minimum limit of alcoholic strength necessary to bring a liquor within the wine and spirit licence?


said, he could not answer the Question without Notice.


said, he would repeat his Question in a day or two.